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Esoteric Capital Partners is the first behavioral crypto fund.

We believe there is a wealth of academic research in psychology, economics, and network science that is underapplied in investing generally, and with cryptoassets in particular. Our goal is to develop systems that reliably leverage behavioral economics to pick smart investments and deliver excess returns for our partners.

We believe that, right now, the valuation of most cryptoassets is primarily grounded in speculation. In many cases, it is easier to predict changes in perceived value than to predict long-term winners in the blockchain space (though we aim to do both). Given the unique aspects of the token investment environment?markets which never close, assets associated with companies which have no products or revenue, a more active news/rumor mill, and fewer barriers to mass-market investors?a behavioral approach is particularly apt.

Blockchain technologies may be new, but market irrationality, cognitive bias, and behavioral price distortions are not. Investment approaches built around these concepts have been top in traditional markets (e.g. Nobel Prize-winner Richard Thaler’s fund), and we aim to bring philosophically similar approaches to digital assets.

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Chris York

Chris studied psychology at Stanford. He later founded Cognitive, an award-winning strategy and design consulting firm that worked with some of the world?s top startups, leading multinationals, and renowned universities and medical institutions. The firm helped facilitate behavior change initiatives at a large scale, working with NBC, Illumina, Salesforce, Hustle, Novartis, Healthline, UCSF, Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, multiple US Presidential candidates, and Y-Combinator startups.

Later, he was an angel & later stage tech investor (including with Spotify, Palantir, and Lark), and advised at CommonCents Lab, a behavioral economics non-profit founded by Dan Ariely. CCL has worked with RobinHood, CapitalOne, Digit, Qapital, and others in applying behavioral science to change financial outcomes for low-income Americans. Chris specifically worked on behavioral experiments with the AARP, CreditKarma, San Francisco City/County public schools, and ClarityMoney (acq’d Goldman Sachs).

Chris’ role includes translating behavioral economics models from traditional markets to blockchain asset investing, developing novel analytical approaches to digital asset and network valuation, and managing investments.

Aymard Dudok De Wit

Aymard studied management, economics, finance and entrepreneurship at HEC Lausanne, Rotterdam School of Management and Hult International Business School in San Francisco.

He then went on to consult tech startups across Europe (London, Berlin and Geneva), helping teams build and scale processes and financials. He also co-founded Serendipia?s Innovation camps, bringing entrepreneurs from around the world to Dubai and Thailand to accelerate local startups. Since then, he’s been active in advising ICOs like Elementus and Serendipia and helping traditional firms enter the blockchain space.

He is now angel investing in tech startups and advising at Ausum Ventures, a blockchain venture fund for social impact.

Aymard?s role emphasizes working with portfolio (or potential portfolio) teams, strategic business development, and partnerships.

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